Amadeus Eos Agreements

Note: You can only update existing EOS agreements if you have set the “Amadeus Extended Ownership” mark to YES (sign) in your local security profile. If you don`t have an LSA, talk to your Amadeus Help Desk (or representative). The EOS agreement between EEE1S2104 and MSP1S212U cannot be removed with the words EOXEWR1S2104-MSP1S212U EODEWR1S2104. -MSP1S212U EOS AGREEMENTS OWNER EWR1S2104 RECEIVER MSP1S212U EOS LOS LSM PNN PNN PNG PNL RPC IPS CPR BC QUE BMG FFR A VL NEG RMO BC DCB SRPSH INV ITN CVP NOT D D PTA PTA PGC PGC PG PPR PHC MCO AIN AIP AIP HOT CAR ENC PTS RAG NMT CLI CLG LOP ASR ETK MSC CRU IPCH MIR SMP NMC IV DAC RSA LOF CCA FLI RCA GCA LOU LTU PSD If it`s you, click here. . 2. If the problem persists, the EOS agreement (CPR-ID) must be updated For example: offices EEE1S2104 and MSP1S212U Entry: EODEWR1S2104-MSP1S212U 2. There is no EOS agreement: If there is no EOS agreement between Office EEE1S2104 and MSP1S212U, the error message can be displayed. Contact your local security administrator (LSA) to implement a new EOS agreement or update an existing agreement. Pnr > PNR lists the security and order management > extended Ownership Security (EOS) > pnr. EOS STORY UPDATED ON 06NOV08 AT 00.20.54 VON NCE1A0990/AG EOU-1S2-MSP1S212U/- CPRB/RMOB .

. For more information about EOS, visit the Amadeus HE EOS help page. 1. View the EOS agreement between the two offices. To do this, enter the entry into $DUMP immediately after entering the control area, then copy the output The MCO, XSB or TSM fields of the Office profile are set to NO 5. If the problem persists and you are sure the requirement is valid, contact your Amadeus Help Desk (or representative). Make the following information available to support investigations and speed up processing times: This way, the system refuses EOS RMO and CPR identifiers only between the EEE1S2104 and MSP1S212U offices. ACCESS MODES R ACCESS IS ONLY IN READ FASHION. THE DATA CAN BE ACCESSED, BUT NOT MODIFIED W ACCESS IS GIVEN IN WRITE MODE ONLY B ACCESS IS GIVEN IN READ AND WRITE MODE N ACCESS IS DENIED X REMOVE AMADEUS EXTENDED OWNERSHIP AGREEMENT There is no EOS agreement between the two offices at any level There is no extended Ownership Security (EOS) agreement between your office and the PNR data consultation request office AMADEUS EXTENDED OWNERSHIP – EOS control, how agents and offices can recover data created by other offices or companies.