California Shortline Agreement

25 D. When three (3) companions are employed, the foreman`s hourly rate of pay is paid in accordance with Schedule A of this agreement and is permitted to work with trade instruments. After employing six (6) companions, the foreman cannot work with the tools, except in an emergency. ARTICLE 19 TRAVEL PAY AND STAND-BY PAY A. Whenever it is required to work on the basis of conditions created by the individual employer, any employee who is covered by this agreement is required to stand ready; this worker receives, for each day of custody, an amount equal to two (2) hours of entitled hourly wage. These payments are not necessary if the employee is informed, before the end of his previous position, that he or she should only show up at some point in the future to return to work. B. When the employer asks the employee to keep the workplace on hold due to bad weather, the worker receives two (2) hours per day for the even wage. These payments are not necessary if the employee is informed, before the end of his previous position, that he or she should only show up at some point in the future to return to work. C.

The amounts provided for in this article 19 are paid weekly with the corresponding weekly wages and may be subject to a separate check at the employer`s choice. D. Any worker staying overnight is reimbursed with the agreement of the employer and with the agreement of the welders and companions` union of 10 per day; and $75.00 per day for humanitarian workers. E. Special circumstances will be discussed at the pre-work conference. F. This lump sum payment is intended to compensate staff for overnight meals and accommodation and depends on the fact that the worker actually stays at home and provides the employer with business vouchers that provide legitimate hotel or motel rooms and meal costs. G. This residence allowance is not used to compensate staff for travel to or from the site. ARTICLE 20 FRINGE BENEFITS A.

Contractors record scheduleD amounts A for each worker under the terms of this agreement, including any time of work beyond the normal eight-hour day, under the corresponding health and social protection pension fund, for the purpose of training workers in this sector. , with effect for the first full billing period after the specified date; contributions that must be made to the aforementioned funds that are responsible. The contractor agrees to comply with the notification procedure set out in each trust trust document. The fact that the Union withdraws from the contractor`s plans the workers covered by this agreement should not be contrary to this agreement if it is established that the contractor is an offender in the contributions of the trust fund, 19 13 4. For every worker with five (5) employees, the employer may transfer an assistant from the territory of a local association to another local association. When additional assistance is required, the employer asks the local municipality for additional assistance. 5. The employer communicates by telephone the transfer of workers under the previous paragraphs and confirms it in writing by listing the names and social security numbers of workers transferred within forty-eight (48) hours. The local union shipping office confirms receipt of the written notification by text message and can re-send the workers at the request of the union. 6. Any violation of this provision may, by a decision of the Joint Conference Committee, oppose the contractor or the local Union from withdrawing this transfer provision for a period of no more than ninety days for the first offence. H.

UNION RIGHT TO THE DEMAND OF INFORMATION ON EMPLOIS – Contractors agree that the Union has the right to ask each employer to obtain information on the location of all work performed by that individual employer in the state.