Clarendon Primary School Literacy Agreement

Percentage of possible mornings or afternoons recorded throughout the school year as school absenteeism for any reason, approved or not. A high-performing school that improves the level of education and well-being of our children and adolescents. Clarendon Primary is distinguished by dedicated, experienced, dedicated and professional staff, loyal and supportive families and children who are dedicated, caring and active learners. We are a community school that has long appreciated the role of environmental education, active, ethical and healthy lifestyles, natural play, committed curricula and positive links in child education for the 21st century. He said the ministry was committed to funding the auditorium project, adding that the institution “deserves the institution.” He advised management to begin preparations for the room. In the Clarendon Primary, learners gain access to a wide range of experiences in their daily school life, such as the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program with a STEAM accent, specialized teaching in Indonesian and science, as well as engagement in music through choir, ukulele and dance, as well as in sport through specialized coaching clinics, SASSA carnival initiatives and sports schools. Clarendon Primary School strives to give every learner a voice and promotes a growth mentality and high-performance learning qualities in all our stakeholders: staff, students and families. We take a strength-based approach to every aspect of school life and encourage reflection, improvement and progress through a common model of responsibility for teaching and learning. The future of Clarendon Primary School sees the emergence of the next generation of executives and learners with key skills for success and lifelong learning, including the ability to work together, criticize and challenge, introduce themselves, create, solve and explore the problem.

Our learners will enter the world beyond primary school with their curiosity, courage and creativity. During his stop at Denbigh High, he praised the administration for transforming the school into a “refined institution.” The children of our school have the opportunity to participate and engage in a wide range of school themes and curricula from the Australian curriculum. Composite classes are a hallmark of Clarendon and teacher-led pedagogy helps maximize the impact of positive peer-to-peer relationships and build strong links between school and community. Clarendon Primary learners are distinguished by their growth mentality, high learning abilities and ability to think and improve. Our school`s work aims to develop the human skills of our learners, equip them with basic skills in communication, cooperation, creativity, problem solving and empathy. This approach is reinforced by a commitment to networked relationships and rigorous implementation of R-7 best practices in numeracy and literacy education. Our shared vision for the future is one of the quality educational results achieved in an innovative, connected and compassionate community school. We believe Clarendon is a strong and unique local school that works closely with other sites, community groups and service providers in our area, including Clarendon Kindergarten and Kangarilla Elementary School. Gardening and agriculture in general have been a force in education since the beginning, with the school winning numerous prizes ranging from apple-picking competitions in the 1930s to massive onion harvests (up to 982 lbs) in 1957.

Absence data cover students aged 5 to 15 as of August 31, 2018 and cover the entire year 2018/2019, including the second half of the summer semester. For schools that are partially open or closed during this period, absence information is based on a shorter period.