Public Sector Network Agreement

Centralised public sector networks should enter the NSP when they reach the end of their contractual terms, either through an interim framework or directly. The government`s Secure Intranet (GSi) contracts expired in September 2011 and expired on 12 February 2012 and were replaced by the Transitional Framework for Safe Intranet Convergence (GCF). The Managed Telephoney Service (MTS) expired on December 31, 2011 and was replaced by the Telecommunications Convergence Framework (MTCF). [14] Ofcom today fined BT US$6.3 million after its network arm failed to provide a competing company with the same information as its own team of BT bidders when bidding for a public sector telecommunications contract in Northern Ireland in 2017-18. The $6,300,000 fine is the result of an investigation into a complaint filed by the telecommunications company Eir with Ofcom. It includes a 30 per cent reduction to reflect BT`s agreement for the settlement of Ofcom`s investigation by accepting full liability. The complaint concerned BT`s conduct in the tender for a quality market for the provision of essential telecommunications services to public sector organisations in Northern Ireland. Ofcom said Openreach and BT were working on its investigation. Note: All NHS organizations must purchase HSCN connectivity services through HSCN (Health and Social Care Network) compliant providers for this agreement. HSCN is the data network that replaces N3. Commercial service providers may sell services to public sector organizations on the NSP, but the service must be in compliance with the NSP. Service providers can learn more about how to become a provider of goods and services to the public sector through Crown Commercial. The NSP is the powerful government network that helps public sector organizations cooperate, reduce duplication and provide resources in common.

24/04/2016 – Expired – This contract has expired. Take a look at the Network Services 2 replacement agreement – RM3808. The initial concept of a network strategy was based on the work already done in the municipalities as part of the work of the Criminal Reform Office (OCJR) between 2005 and 2007 in the field of communities of interest (CII) in the field of criminal justice, in order to enable the exchange of data between divisions. [2] The technology and architectural design of the NSP network are also outdated, expensive and difficult to secure in the modern world.