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The “Multi-level SLA” can therefore be a combination of service-based and customer-based ALS. 2 failures caused by components out of the responsibility of the company X-GmbH – misuse of the software by the customer in rounded minutes. The downtime (AZ) is the hours during which the offer is not available due to disruptions due to X-GmbH in rounded minutes. The maximum monthly availability (Vmax) is: x days multiplied by x hours, less the deduction time. The parties agree on a minimum availability (Vmin) of 99.x % calculated according to the formula: (Vmax AZ) x 100: Vmax IV Assistance The support hotline is available to customers at least from Monday from 09:00-20:00 hours (except federal holidays). V. Maintenance X-GmbH provides contract maintenance services on hardware components, software and networks preferably between 3am and 7am. VI. Dysfunction management disruptions are recorded and treated as follows. Step Description 1. Message The message by the client administrator is made by specifying the most complete information possible, in particular: defect specification, in particular the timing of the outage, the application environment and the situation, the frequency of the problem, the error messages, the type and version of the Internet browser used, the user ID, the priority level. 2. Registration anomalies are recorded centrally and receive an identification number.

3. Determining priority The priority of disruption will be common / 3 Conditions of participation for the exchanges of german-Russian youth Elbharmonie HafenCity- WG of 28 December 2015 14 January 2016 in Hamburg 1. Registration Please register on page 1 of 9 tegos Support Content 1 Contact… 2 2 tegos Support Ticketing System… 2 3 Support Knowledge Database… 6 4 error classes… 6 5 Error management… 7 6 level of service… 8 7 Climbing…

What will be the result of the contractor designation? What is the detail of the objectives and sub-goals? How are the service and the level of service related to achieving the objectives? Keep these points in the SMART method. You enter into service-level SLA or Service-based ALS if multiple parties use a service or product from a supplier. While the OLA is closed internally to complete an ALS, you enter into a contract with an external service provider as a subcontractor to the UC (“Underpinning Contract”). This means that the ALS contractor uses a UC with a contractor acting for him to maintain the agreed level of service for the client. These include guaranteed response times. 3 – 3 – 4. Diagnosis Analysis of the disorder and its causes (for example.b by reproducing the disorder in different environments) 5. Searching and implementing a solution For the disorder, a solution is sought and, if necessary, implemented in the system environment Priority is established 3 different priority levels. Priority Description Action 1 (Critical One or more of the following cases are found: Incident) Production data/information is destroyed or lost. Actions lead to incorrect results with direct consequences for the business processes of the customer organization. One or more of the components do not work and the disturbances lead to serious interruptions 2 (Fault to be tolerated temporarily) 3 (improvement). Disruption has no direct critical consequences, but: productivity is hampered by limited system functionality.

The disruption does not belong to Category 1 or 2, but: the customer wants an extension or a change in functions. Response time for priorities 1-3 Response time Priority 1 During the availability time, the response time is X minutes, the response time is x hours.