Ndis Service Agreement Plan Management

Aver Plan Managers collects your data primarily for the purpose of providing you with quality support and services, including certain personal data, to ensure that our services meet your individual needs. This information is also used for: Another important role in this scheme is that of NDIS plan managers. They effectively act as intermediaries between service providers and participants to help manage their plan. Their role includes things such as paying bills to service providers on behalf of participants. From there, Aver can use the information on your online portal to set up your plan management services and start processing your payments. If you have entered into this agreement, you will avoid potential problems and misunderstandings later. Many companies are jumping on board to become NDIS service providers and offering a number of services to NDIS subscribers. NDIS is surrounded by strict rules and compliance bodies, so if you`re considering becoming an NDIS Plan Manager, you want to make sure you`re doing it right. What is important is that plan managers must be registered with the NDIS. You have the right to access the information we have stored about you. You can find information on how to request or update access to your personal data in our Privacy Statement. Aver Plan Manager may only pass on your data to other service providers or healthcare professionals with your consent. the provision of assistance under this Service Agreement is the provision of one or more of the appropriate and necessary assistance set out in the statement referred to in subsection 33(2) of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act) of the Participant`s NDIS plan currently in force pursuant to Section 37 of the NDIS Act; Aver Plan Manager pay GST in accordance with the National Law on Insurance Systems 2013 (NDIS) Aver Plan Managers is a plan management and financial intermediary service for NDIS participants.

If you offer plan management services to NDIS participants, it is important to enter into an agreement between the two of you. By appointing Aver as your plan manager, you give us access to the NDIS funds that have been made available to you via your NDIS plan. This funding is consulted by Aver via the NDIS online portal (PRODA). By entering your data below, you agree to the provision of intermediary financial services and the management of the plan by Aver Plan Manager. You also agree that Aver Plan Manager may transmit information about your plan to appropriate and relevant parties. If you are an NDIS Plan Manager and would like to start your service contract, do not hesitate to contact us! By submitting the above form, you accept, as a participant (or participant`s representative), the information presented to you in this document. This service agreement exists between Aver Plan Managers and the designated participant/representative of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This Service Agreement applies from today for the duration of the Participant`s connection with the Aver Plan Managers or until we are notified in writing by the Participant/Designated Representative.

All employees of Aver Plan Manager are aware of the sensitivity of the information you disclose. You are trained and all have appropriate shares, you work within the framework of the relevant data protection laws and the Aver policies and processes that Aver will do through the management, categorization and loading of your invoices and/or refunds through our online NDIS portal. And as with any business, you need a contract with your customers. Often we call this a service contract. NDIS Plan Manager also needs a contract. We`ve helped many NDIS companies get back on their feet, so we`re excited to guide you through what you need to get started. An NDIS plan management agreement is used here…