No Unique Scheduling Agreement Could Be Determined

Thank you very much, I`m sure the answer I`m looking for is very simple. I participate in a new sap implementation, I try to integrate the DELJITs customers/862`s via EDI. I brought the prognosis and they published and updated the AS. If I try to bring the JIT, I will have a status of 51 (no clear schedule agreement). At first I thought it was easy, there was something missing in my IDoc. In short, I did. The first attempt is not to consult a rejected sales plan table, M_VLPMA by: there are several sales plan agreements. Each sales plan contract contains only one product (i.e. the material).

What could be wrong? What information does the system use to find the sales plan contract? For more details on the identification logic, see a sales plan in the EDI (0444) and EDI (0382) delivery plan. Thank you for your reply. .