University Of North Florida Collective Bargaining Agreement

Like the rest of the world, UFF-UNF continues to monitor the effects of the novel coronavirus. In March 2020, UNF converted all spring and summer 2020 courses on campus to online/distance learning, limiting on-campus activities to essential services. UFF-UNF continues to work towards the transparency of higher education policy towards the faculty. UFF-UNF thus continues the negotiation meetings that lead to various important agreements to support the rights of the faculty. Below is a summary of UFF-UNF`s pandemic-related activities: As the union`s Covid response With both parties unable to agree on wage increases, UFF-UNF has officially proposed a 6 percent increase for Mattimore to submit it to the BOT for review. The two sides agreed to a preliminary meeting in March to continue negotiations during which UFF-UNF awaits the OFFICIAL RESPONSE OR COUNTER-OFFER FROM THE BOT. UFF-UNF pointed to the original graph they showed at the BOT, which shows the gap between the salaries of the UNF faculty compared to the rest of the Florida university system. Mattimore replied that the results were skewed, but Gundlach said the statistics shown had been officially compiled by the UNF. The NF is in unity and solidarity with all members of our community, regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, disability or country of origin. We are proud of the diversity of our students, teachers and collaborators. We strongly condemn hatred and bigotry as a contradiction with the fundamental values of the university, mutual respect and courtesy. Actions and words aimed at denying people, on the basis of arbitrary characteristics, fully integrating into the wider moral community are unbearable. We are against violence in language or action, and we see it as a threat to the mission of the UNF as a public university dedicated to intellectual and cultural growth and civic awareness.

UNF representatives from the United Faculty of Florida have not yet reached an agreement with the Board of Trusts (BOT) on salary increases for the 2019-2020 school year, after a new bargaining meeting on Feb. 21. “The 15 that you say are a status quo are actually 15 no`s to us. If we propose a change and you say status quo, we say, “We reject your position,” Mattimore said. “The fact is that the number with which we agree or compromise the figure really doesn`t matter whether or not we come to an agreement, because one of those fifteen, only one of them, could be critical to us.” The following links include the collective agreements between the university and the respective unions, which represent different employees of the university: the ADMINISTRATION OF THEF will organize a meeting with the AFSCME for the reopening on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 from 13:00 to 15:00. The meeting will take place on Zoom. Please contact Daniel Nicolas at for more information. Thank you for joining us for our Faculty Rights Forum! Here is the PowerPoint that highlights your rights under the treaty and influences the MOUs to negotiate….